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Total Connect Remote Video Services
ONLY $24.99 per month
Includes Basic Alarm Monitoring

Ever wish you could be in more than one place at a time? With Remote Video Services, you can! Now you can view live video on up to six cameras at a time, receive images of specific activity occurring around the interior or exterior of your home and more on the same mobile devices you use each and every day. You can control and manage your own account and even assign photos for individual family members.

Just picture the possibilities!
Remote Video Service Kits
  • Remote Video Services Features the ability to monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world through the internet, from your home or business computer, your tablet, or your smart phone.
  • The online interface allows for streaming of up to 6 video cameras at the same time.
  • The (WAP) Wireless Access Point Delivers Wireless communication from your home router to each wireless camera
  • Internet is Required on site.
  • Remote Video Services are offered to you from The monitoring center at the low monthly rate of $24.99 per month

Indoor Wireless Camera

  • Features an inexpensive solution
    to achieving indoor video security.
  • Device can be installed sitting
    on a desk or mounted on a wall
  • WAP (wireless access point) is
  • Choice of either white or black
    camera housing

Price: $299.00


Outdoor Wireless Camera

  • Operating temperature of
    -23C/-10F to 45C/114F
  • Infrared technology for
    night vision(up to 25 FT)
  • Waterproof Housing
    and connectors
  • Can be mounted from the
    wall or ceiling
  • WAP required
    (wireless access point)
Price: $369.00


Indoor Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera

  • Features 300 pan range
  • 120 tilt range
  • LED Lights to illuminate
    area (15ft)
  • Must be installed on flat
    surface such as counter,
    table, desk etc.
  • WAP (wireless access point)
Price: $369.00

Remote Video Services Add On Camera Pricing

Remote Video Services Monthly Cost Of Only $24.99

Includes Basic Alarm Monitoring

Indoor Wireless Camera

Outdoor Wireless Camera

Indoor Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera

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