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- Medical Alert at NO Extra Monthly Cost

The Monitoring Center is a full service alarm monitoring facility committed to customer service excellence and YOUR personal safety.

We are able to monitor ANY *device in your home that is attached to your alarm system. Anything from a smoke detector to a motion sensor to a medical alert pendant at the same low monthly rate of ONLY $9.99/mo

In order to understand why The Monitoring Center does NOT charge more for Medic Alert monitoring or any other device for that matter....

  • Every alarm signal reports separately to your Central Monitoring Station
  • Your Protection Process instructions are followed no matter which alarm signal is received by your Monitoring it burglary alarm...smoke alarm...medic alert alarm
  • Operators must respond to each signal no matter which device signals to our Central Monitoring Station
  • Operators must do the same amount of work no matter which device signals to your Monitoring Station

Therefore...NO Alarm Monitoring Company should charge you extra monitoring fees for ANY device signaling to their Central Monitoring Station.

Do NOT pay EXTRA for any device attached to your alarm system.

*device...a device is any attachment to your alarm system...

  • door contact
  • window contact
  • motion detector
  • smoke detector
  • medical pendant/bracelent/button
  • panic button
  • flood detector
  • C/O detector
  • high temperature sensor
  • low temperature sensor
  • etc...

CANASA Member #134561 | California License #ACO 5838 | FL License #EF200001006 | BC License #B4428