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Basic alarm monitoring:

$9.99 per month

Basic alarm monitoring over phone line includes monitoring of all Burglary devices, fire/heat detectors, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors as well as medical alert pendants and panic devices (*basic alarm monitoring must be chosen in order to add any other features)

Wifi Monitoring:

Additional $8.00 per month

Offered to customers with a "LYNX TOUCH alarm panel only. WiFI monitoring allows for the monitoring of all intrusion devices, fire/ heat detectors, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors as well as medical alert pendants and panic devices through your premise wireless internet. No Phone line required!!! (wireless internet must be present on site)

GSM (cellular back up monitoring):

Additional $10.00 per month

GSM monitoring can be used as a backup to a standard phone line or as a the sole communicator of your alarm panel which allows the alarm to function if your phone line is cut or not needing a phone line at all. All the features of the basic alarm monitoring are included within GSM monitoring. A GSM Communicator is required.

VoIP Alarm Broadband Monitoring :

Additional $5.00 per month

Broadband Internet monitoring uses the internet to relay the alarm system information to our monitoring facility and is the perfect accompaniment to your VoIP phone line. It can also be used as the sole communicator of your alarm panel. A VoIP Alarm Broadband Adapter module is required.

Active Alarm Monitoring:

Additional $5.00 per month

The Monitoring Center also offers Active Monitoring which will log openings and closings (arming and disarming) of your alarm system. This service also provides you will full reporting which can be e-mailed to you on a weekly or monthly basis.

Scheduled Alarm Monitoring:

Additional $10.00 per month

The Monitoring Center also offers Scheduled Monitoring which works hand in hand with Active Alarm Monitoring. Scheduled Alarm monitoring offers a business owner not only a log of openings and closings but also a phone call from one of our LIVE operators to advise if there is an "unscheduled" opening or closing (arming or disarming) at their premise.

Remote Security Services:

Additional $15.00 per month

Remote Security Services includes the basic monitoring of your alarm system with the ability to control and check in and receive instant email or text message alerts on your alarm system from you smart phone or through the internet. Remote Security Services is only available to customers with a Honeywell alarm panel with either a WIFI Communicator (LYNX TOUCH Only) or a GSM (most other Honeywell alarm panels). Includes WiFi or GSM monitoring.

Remote Home Automation:

Additional $5.00 per month

Home Automation is offered to customers with the LYNX TOUCH alarm panel only. Home automation is achieved by adding a Z-Wave Controller to your LYNX TOUCH alarm panel. This allows you to add on many Z Wave capable devices to your home giving you full control of these devices through either your alarm panel or through Remote Security Services (A Z Wave Controller device as well as a subscription to Remote Security Services is Required). Z Wave Devices range from a simple plug in light switch which TMC will install to thermostats, door locks, and hardwired light switches or dimmer switches that would need to be installed by a qualified technician in the applicable field.

Monthly Total:  
*Plus Applicable Taxes
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